Sony Crackle Mod Apk V6.1.5 [No Ads] Download

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Hello guys, what’s up? Today once again presents for you all an upgraded version of a video streaming mod apk. This mod apk is very much interesting and awesome to use as this video streaming mod apk consists of various features in it, which will provide you a lot of enjoyment while using it. A developer had worked very much hard to develop this mod apk and also have been worked very much hard to provide you all an upgraded version of this mod apk. The mod apk about which we are talking is Sony Crackle Mod Apk.

Sony Crackle Mod Apk

Sony Crackle Mod Apk

Sony Crackle Mod Apk is a video streaming apk, which provides you all a lot of entertainment in it. this mod apk consists of interesting and awesome features in it. Nowadays technologies are increasing day by day, as everyone was in this entire universe every one depends upon the technologies. This mod apk is also a very interesting technology for entertainment.

Here in this mod apk, it consists of various types of video streaming in it. It also consists of various types of videos and movies in it like Bollywood and Hollywood. There are various categories of movies and videos present it like comedy, horror, action and etc. All these categories of video provide you a lot of enjoyment and fun.

About Sony Crackle Mod Apk

Here in this mod apk, you can also watch the latest and old videos and movies. Live streaming is also been provided in this mod apk. There are various types of applications been provided to watch movies and videos but in comparison to Sony Crackle Mod Apk, there is no other application, as it consists of various features in it. In this mod apk, you do not need to pay any money for watching movies or videos. Here in this mod apk you can also listen to the song and watch movies online.

This mod application also consists of video and movie packed in option which means that you can watch the old movies and make it all packed in an app. You can also watch your movies according to your favorite movie star.

Specifications of Sony Crackle Mod Apk

Apk Name Sony Crackle Apk
Apk Version V6.1.5 (Latest)
Apk Size 11MB
Mod Features No
Category Photos & Videos
Requirements Android

Screenshots of Sony Crackle Mod Apk

Sony Crackle Mod Apk Download Download Sony Crackle Mod Apk Sony Crackle Mod Apk

LED View

Sony Crackle Apk Download Sony Crackle Apk

Features of Sony Crackle Mod Apk

This mod apk consists of various types of features in it which will provide you a lot of enjoyment and fun while using this application.

  • Free to Download Sony Crackle Mod Apk.
  • Free to watch movies and videos.
  • Online video and movie streaming is also been provided.
  • Applicable on both mobile phones and for PC.
  • Both for android and iOS users.
  • Consist of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies in it.
  • Consist of various videos and movie categories in it like funny, romantic, action, web series, etc.
  • No ads.

How to Download & Install Apk?

Here Installing modded apps or games is too easy, so here is the simple installation guide-

Download Apk

Download ApkThing is that the app is not available on Google Play store so you need to go on the other website like you can visit by using a chrome browser.

Search for Apk

Search ApkWhen the download process will get complete then go into the downloaded folder of your device and search for the downloaded APK file.

Enable Unknown Resources

Unknown SourceTo download this app in your device you need to do a one set like go into the settings and security allow the installation from unknown resources.

Install it

Install ApkWhen all the processes will get completed then open APK file and click on the install button. It will take some time to complete the installation.


RightWait for a few minutes then you will see that app is installed in your device and you can enjoy it easily.

Concludes of Sony Crackle Mod Apk

I know that after knowing all the features about this mod apk you all are very much excited to use this mod apk, So what you all are waiting for immediately click on the link which is given below and make this mod apk a part of your life and enjoy your day a lot while watching movies and videos and share your comments if you love this apk.

Reviews of Sony Crackle Mod Apk

Alfred Valle: A very nice app in the free streaming service category. It has a very good selection for my age demographic. I am, however, only giving 4 stars because it lacks one feature for use on my device: there is no way to clear the “Continue Watching” feature. Sometimes you may begin a movie or show that you don’t want to continue (because you’ve changed your mind once it began). How do you clear that feature? Please fix this and I’ll gladly add the final star.

Jeremy Stubbs: Interface is fine for a free streaming app. 8 commercials per movie is tolerable considering how, again, it’s free. That being said, is it really too much to ask that I’m able to enjoy what I’m streaming? The ads conveniently play perfectly every time. The movie/TV part, however, not so much. My screen kept freezing as the audio continues to play and then turns green. This happened several times within the first 20 minutes of just one movie. I’m sorry, but that makes it unbearable to watch.

Stephen Chambers: I love the variety of movies & shows. They have regular, but not too many commercials. But this site does need work. When watching a tv show you cant easily get to the next episode. When opening the app at another time it will start the series over from the beginning instead of the next episode. It doesn’t really let you make a list of shows & then get to that list. I am looking forward to improvements & an update.

Mike M: I was not able to actually watch an entire movie. Every few minutes I had to watch some commercials than on the third or fourth set of commercials, it got stuck in some sort of loop. When the commercial finished the movie would start for about 10 seconds then the commercials would restart. Not worth screwing around with. Time to uninstall.

Audrey Wells: Too many adds. I would rather pay for no adds like Netflix. I do like the set of how you separate each category. It makes the app enjoyable. Sorry, there are way too many adds though. I will uninstall not to return. There is a reason for adds I understand that. This app goes overboard on adds. I don’t see it interesting. Adds too intrusive to enjoy the app. It used to be ok. Stop changing a good app. Goodbye.


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