Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk V2.62 (Unlimited Influence)

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Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk: It is an online game which is completely filled with adventure and you have to make several struggles for survival for this you have to put all your abilities and skills. You have to be careful so you have to collect and make good uses of resources which are not available in inadequate quality.

You have to make your base stronger and prepare yourself for enemy attack. In this online, you need to take support from other survivors to know more about territories. Countless disasters and wars will happen in this game so the complete civilization will in danger situation.

You should have to play as a warrior so that you can protect yourself and other survivors in the game. The main idea of playing this game is that you should have to survive even in the hardships with scarce resources.

Introduction to the Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk

Various dangerous monsters will come in your path to kill you but you have to be very strong and always be attentive so that you can find them if they will attack you from the back. Several levels will come in your path as the number will increases the level of difficulty is increases. It will be the worst war ever as so many nuclear facilities will get destroyed here dangerous radiation will get fallen to cause all kinds of pain.

Here you have to do several things together like you have to protect yourself from monsters and enemies attack as well as collect various resources and build your strong base. One more task that you have to do is you need to find your lost friend so that it will help you out in found territories and more memories. So we can say that it is an action-based game which is completely filled with adventure.

Graphics Overview of Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk

If we talk about the interface of an app than we found that it has 3D graphics that will present an awesome view in front of users and gamers. The interface is easy to understand, clear, and simple. If you have not played any action before that then you don’t need to worry about it as you can play Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk game without any difficulty. The main idea is to enjoy this game as an addiction as there are different levels that are there in the game and interface is a core characteristic of the game which will help to maintain interest in the game.

Screenshots of Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk

Dawn of Dozens Mod ApkDownload Dawn of Dozens Mod ApkDawn of Dozens Mod Apk Unlimited InfluenceDawn of Dozens Mod Apk for Android

Specifications of Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk

Apk Name Dawn of Dozens Apk
Apk Version V2.62 [Latest]
Apk Size 845MB
Mod Features Unlimited Influence
Category Survival
Requirements Android 4.4



There are several features are there in the game and I am going to explain to you some of them that will help you to know more about the game-

  • In this game, the danger is everywhere so if you lose focuses then probably you may lose your life. This is why it is important that you should have a strong base where you can protect yourself from a dangerous world.
  • Here you have to survive with scarce resources to keep yourself energize and motivated. In this world, due to excessive fighting, you may quickly deplete your energy, but you have to makes sure that doesn’t let your character be in the state of having low energy. So always bring enough food and drink for you.
  • Several exciting rewards are there for that you have to visit and explore the complete dawn of zombies.

How to Download & Install Apk?

Here Installing modded apps or games is too easy, so here is the simple installation guide-

Download Apk

Download ApkThing is that the app is not available on Google Play store so you need to go on the other website like you can visit ApkStriker.com by using a chrome browser.

Search for Apk

Search ApkWhen the download process will get complete then go into the downloaded folder of your device and search for the downloaded APK file.

Enable Unknown Resources

Unknown SourceTo download this app in your device you need to do a one set like go into the settings and security allow the installation from unknown resources.

Install it

Install ApkWhen all the processes will get completed then open APK file and click on the install button. It will take some time to complete the installation.


RightWait for a few minutes then you will see that app is installed in your device and you can enjoy it easily.

Concludes of Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk

You are a fan of zombies then you can take any vehicle to travel around the world. The game is free to download and easy to play. So you don’t have to worry about the usage of an app. So Dawn of Dozens Mod Apk is the best online game to play.


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